Doc Phineas Biography

Doc Phineas is that man the History Channel calls " America's Favorite Professor! one of the best professors of History, Antiquities, Archaeology in the world ... one of our best experts on TV today ... " DOC has spent his lifetime as a professor insisting that " learning should be Fun, Entertaining, and Fantastic!" A child prodigy who could sing, tap dance, and play piano well at the age of 5 -he was a child star making regular appearances on the Pinky Lee Show, Howdy Doody, and children's Shows in the 1950's-Doc had read " The Iliad and the Odyssey" by the third grade. 
Doc had a lifetime of academic achievement in Phi Beta Kappa scholastic honorship Society, he was an Eagle Scout who was selected to address Congress at the age of 14 in '' Report to the Nation". He was a representative to the World Youth Congress in Berne Switzerland and studied at the University of Switzerland his junior year of High School.   His debate team placed first in the nation and he won the National Championship for Persuasive Speaking At The University of Michigan. He graduated B.A. Magna Cum L'Aude President's Scholar 4.0 GPA the upper 1% of the 1% scholastically at California State University, San Jose. With 9 years post graduate study at the University of California, Berkeley/ GTU carrying a 4.0 GPA with a joint M.C.E in field Archaeology with the University of Madras on archaeological digs in India. His PH.D. In Archaeological Antiquities is from Shefferton University in England. 
"I have taught over the last 45 years every level of student from Kindergarten through University Graduate Students, which I think gives me a very unique perspective. By the time students come to me in college, I can see what they missed in their formative years. If you are not an entertaining teacher today, students will text go to social media in class .... they have the world at their fingertips and on their phones so they often do not pay attention to learning.   I have tried to use my skills as an entertainer to make education exciting, fun, with a deep assimilation of my subjects so they would not dare text in my class because they will miss the show! My TV shows are in 200 countries dubbed in 48 languages and now my classroom is the whole world."
DOC explained recently on an interview with Jay Leno. While teaching at California's New College, DOC purposed the idea of learning as entertainment and for his thesis wrote and scored 18 original songs in a Broadway style musical called "Magik Reality" where he made learning fun, facts interesting, and history come alive! With a cast of 50 of his students and Doc directing, playing piano and directing the orchestra-his hit show sold out every performance and was filmed for KQED and played on PBS.
"My life has had a duel career as a Professor and as an actor and entertainer. As a professor over the last 45 years I have literally taught thousands of students. I also appear on TV, in movies, and on the stage and I also teach Archaeology and climb through ruins like the real    Indiana Jones. My two careers are interwoven as Shakespeare so aptly ' all the world's a stage and all the men are merely players ... so I have tried to use all my skills even in song and dance to teach my students, to help them learn, to make their lives wonderful and rich with knowledge so that they will never forget the story of our world and they will hunger for knowledge all of their lives as they learn the deep meanings and lessons that knowledge can teach them." -Doc Phineas
DOC PHINEAS is currently a huge international TV star appearing world wide on the HISTORY CHANNEL on PAWN STARS, on the TRAVEL CHANNEL on Mysteries At the Museum, and on CNBC on Jay Lena's Garage. He has been featured in 40 movies and over 300 TV appearances in 60 years of show business. Doc literally has fan clubs all over the world. It's with great joy I Look forward to this wonderful show! 

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