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The Doc

Doc Phineas is the man the History Channel calls "America's Favorite Professor, one of the best professors of history, antiquities, and archaeology in the world, and one of our best experts on TV today.” He was a child prodigy who could sing, tap dance, and play the piano by the age of five, was making regular appearances on the “Pinky Lee Show”, “Howdy Doody”, and other children's shows, and had read "The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” by the time he was in the third grade. Doc was also an Eagle Scout selected to address Congress at the age of 14, was a representative to the World Youth Congress in Berne, Switzerland in his junior year of high school, and was...

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Book The Doc!

Book Doc Phineas for Film, TV & Convention Appearances Doc Phineas  All booking inquiries Tel: (310) 295-0775Agent Tanya Kleckner of HRI If you have any questions or concerns about your order please contact

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What's Up Doc?

Emceeing special events, appearing on tv shows, or Producing a Steampunk Convention like no other, the much easier question would be - What isn't Doc Phineas up to?

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